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Postcard: Moringa oleifera Best Green Food

The Moringa Kitchen

It's probably the best green food on earth, and it's not hype.

The Moringa has 13 species, and the leaves of the Moringa oleifera specie happen to be the most nutritionally dense.

In my country, the Moringa or Malunggay has so many nutritional and therapeutic uses. It is recommended as potent food for; pregnant and breastfeeding women, persons with anemia or suffering from tuberculosis, and HIV, and generally as an all around health food that is a good source of antixodants, phytonutrients for prevention from cancer, and other diseases. The Moringa leaf has so much more health benefits, it can't fit in one treatise. There are many good studies on the Moringa since the 1950s, notably from India, USA, Japan and Africa. 

The pure leaves of the Moringa oleifera is the only ingredient we use for Moringana. Since we started I have made it a point not to add anything else in the formulation to be true to the goodness of the Malunggay leaf. I have many mommy friends who travel with Moringana because it works for the whole family from not getting sick.

Do you know that the Moringa is a tree? It's not a shrub, or a small plant but a tree, and they can live quite long.

Here's more of my Moringa/Malunggay photos.

I enjoy going around the places where our Malunggay is grown. It's nice to meet farmers and town folk along the way. It's nice too that secret beaches, pools and falls are in the area to cool your aching bum and tired feet from riding and walking around hills and mountains.

To know more about the Moringa oleifera. Please visit out website

Til' the next day trip!