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Postcard - Rabbit Days

The Moringa Kitchen

moringan apples orange

It was in 2006 when I started to seriously consider the idea of MORINGANA - our homegrown Moringa product. Later in December I gave birth to Mela, our third baby.

In the midst of my cocooning and breastfeeding days the following year, I decided to quit the corporate life for good, and enter the daunting realm of entrepreneurship. I felt encouraged to push on with Moringana a bit more, and knocked on many doors. Hereon, the hours, the minutes, the dawn ran like rabbits. I've never felt so overrun and yet so stoked about the work I wanted to do.

Prior to giving my full attention to Moringana, all I wanted was to make my own coffee blends and bake cupcakes. I camped at a coffee depot, studied my beans, and dreamed about my cakes. I must have dosed everyone at home with sugar and caffeine. The baking, the coffee sampling had become quite unruly. I thought I lost a lot of hair and gained a lot of pounds! I was happily creating logos and packaging. And just when I was about to put a small coffee cart at a big call center hub, a multinational coffee brand told the HR to bump me out! It was a big letdown considering the time and money spent, and I dropped it. I thought maybe the coffee project will come back if it wants to find me.

In hindsight, this was a big lesson too because if a big bad multinational or a big brand, or if anyone is going to employ bullying tactics at you, please remember David and the power of a pure heart that can slay a giant and succeed. You have to fight back, no matter how small you are, no matter how beggarly you look compared to their obese bank accounts. Look at them straight in the eye with no fear, and strike in your own dignified fashion.

For some reason, after that "bumping" incident I thought maybe I was really meant to start Moringana.

A mompreneur goes through a very unique set of experiences. The real world of commerce can be exasperating, and at times can pull one down.

But I placed my heart in Moringana.


Today I can't say anything more but there's grace, a lot of grace in this journey, we remain grateful for the first moms who believed in us, and the countless lovely moms who continue to love Moringana.

We cannot thank you enough.

You make our work so worthwhile!