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Apples & Peach Fruit Bowl with Fresh Moringa Leaves

The Moringa Kitchen


I posted this photo years ago and a friend asked what or which restaurant it was served. I said everything was from home.

I thought...hey that was a nice compliment that my set up looked like it's from a quaint restaurant, then I burst my bubble when I realized that maybe the friend thought I can't make these things. Ha!

We do enjoy making homemade food and I shoot a lot at home. The light here is very nice in the mornings.

This bowl is a "no-recipe" medley of fruits, and whatever was available at home to make a good mix.


  • Thin slices of apples and pears
  • Sprinkles of Flax, Sliced almonds, Sprinkles of Fresh Malunggay leaves
  • Honey or Vinaigrette


  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  • Add a drizzle of honey or your favorite vinaigrette

That's all.

Plus morning sunshine,  pretty plates and spoon!