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Favorite Things: Homemade and Easter

The Moringa Kitchen

I am looking forward to this fresh and promising time of the Easter season.

Here's my happy list in the kitchen for the week!


Nane is my aunt from Bohol who gives me a regular supply of home-crafted pure chocolate. Ever since she made me a batch last year, I can't get enough of it. They are soft chocolate chunks. It's not your regular tsokolate tableya. And I can never compare it with many tableyas that are adulterated with ground peanuts or roasted corn. Yup. It’s a travesty.

The world of chocolate making has its secrets, and Nane is not to be outdone. There are good secrets to her chocolate. Maybe it's the beans from Camiguin island or it's Weng - Nane's cheerful kitchen assistant and the master roaster of the beans. While I lament the fate of the “fakes” in the artisan world of chocolate...hello Mast brothers? I am happy we have a jar full of Nane's chocolate. Anytime I can make a cup of hot tsokolate so good, I can take it even without sugar.


Chef Amelia, the sweet mom behind Serendipity Dips & Dessert is a dear friend, and we feel lucky that foods from her kitchen find their way to us occasionally! I am bedazzled by her beautiful kitchen! If I have it my way, I would hang out there all day, learn cookery and bring home a few yummy items. Ha!

This pretty bottle of dried blueberries, chunks of pink salt, and a few herbs, spices make a very sophisticated bottle of vinegar which you can have for a unique vinaigrette. To make the blueberry vinegar, I thought of mixing it with white coconut vinegar, but decided white wine would be good. We received it last Epiphanytide and cured it towards Easter. The liquid turned dark blue to pink. I'm already thinking of other things to use this for.



Oi! My Malunggay Chocolate Chip Cookies! 

It's been in the back burner for sometime. We made this last year and I checked on the recipe again a few days ago.

Somewhere inside there's Moringa Leaves mixed with all good chocolate! The kids and I have hyper-analyzed the right size, chewiness, the top cracks and the kind of salt on top. But none of that matter if the cookie is not yummy. Malunggay & Chocolate should be all good? I hope you agree!

Will tell you more about it next time!

May you have a meaningful and wonderful Easter season!