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Gravida Six

The Moringa Kitchen

Pia is our new baby.

She came to this world, June of last year, and made me a mother of six. I've always felt unready in all of my birthing. For this one, I really tried my best to ease into readiness for the 6th cesarian procedure. When medical staff realize this, their eyeballs usually fall out. I get the usual surprised reactions which can be pretty hilarious or annoying because I've been getting them since I reached gravida 4.

While the operation went on with Pia, I heard the anesthesiologist murmur something...well isn't she a record holder for six?  Are you gonna go for seven? And in the middle of it all in your "strapped", semi-lucid state you just want to say...are you kidding me?!

Then later I felt the massive pushing of hands, like it almost drowned my chest before she came out. I gave a silent prayer of gratitude for all of them...gravida six, all term, all living.

It was fortunate as well that before I birthed Pia, I met the good birth keepers and somehow got me into the birthing zone - Ibu Robin, Monica Manzano, Doulas Irina Otmakhova, Samantha Garcia, Dr. Veloso, Velvet Roxas (who took my incessant calls), my midwife Vivian, and of course Dr. Viray, whose skillful hands mine and Pia's life depended upon. Pia is a serious milestone for us. It takes a village of good women to support and protect a woman birthing life into the world.

I wish I had beautiful natural births like the other moms but I was always unprepared! I wanted to go for vbac in my 2nd and 3rd but it just never happened. It's good now that the birthing community is up and support is so accessible.

God bless and keep holy these birth keepers!

You are bringing into this world, not just little precious bodies, but souls. They have been formed and called by name from beyond eternity, thank you for defending their lives.

As to being a mother of six, I always take it as grace multiplied!