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MARKET DAY: Honey Jars & Jam

The Moringa Kitchen

This is the second year that I hoped The Ranch bee farm would have better stock. Not that I’d be buying a ton of honey, but it’s nice to know that a certain balance had been restored for the bees that are producing more honey this season. Around the same time last year, only a few jars were available. We’ve been collecting some good honey lately, and enforcing some honey ration at home after we discovered one toddler had the penchant for overly lathering the bread, and half the jar was gone in one afternoon. Someone quipped she should stop eating too much honey or else, she will turn into a bee. The poor toddler believed so, I think, in a rather incredulous way. Meanwhile, at The Ranch, they make very nice pottery and each piece is uniquely handcrafted.

Months ago, a friend told me about the “Sampinit” which is an indigenous berry. I’ve never heard of it. A local equivalent to raspberry?! Wow. Getting the Sampinit to land in Mactan, and to the house is another story. This thing is a wild berry that grows abundantly in the outlying hills or mountains in Cagayan Valley and South Luzon.

Four kilos of frozen Sampinit calls for jam or juice. It’s really nice when you jam fruits your way, you can let it macerate, bubble up, thicken nicely with very little sugar, and no need for preservatives. Sometimes when the fruit is already sweet, I don’t add sugar at all. The Sampinit jam has a very nice sweet-tart flavour and the texture is like Millet grains.

Later, I attempted to do the Japanese Furoshiki style of wrapping the jars which I think turned out wrong in all corners and somewhat looked like Totoro, but even Totoro would not approve! The girls did not approve! I can do better next time.