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POSTCARD: Flow-Surf-Yoga-Samba & Serena Beach

The Moringa Kitchen

This beachfront is simply breathtaking.

Last April 2014, we joined FLOWSurfYogaSamba here in Club Serena, Moalboal.

So many good things happened while FLOW was here.

First of all, Serena beach was such a pretty venue. When we entered the beachfront, I was dazzled by the sea facing Negros island. I grew up in the Southeast part of Cebu and I've never visited this side before. Beautiful colors everywhere, the water was so clear, the sun was fire-pit hot but the sea water was very cool. The long shoreline with all white and fine sand was unbelievably empty of tourists, and this was at the height of the summer season!

Beach babes, babies and pretty nice mommies were here. The sea was a diver's haven teeming with beautiful fish and coral. I regret that I did not venture to snorkel in Pescador island nearby. The kids tried paddle boarding and inspected the sea urchins. I told them the Uni was right inside the spiky dome shell, and I used to eat it often when I was a kid. It was the first time too that one kid forgot to pack her swimsuit, a mini-chaos ensued because I said she could swim in her undies...but thankfully the crisis was averted, we found a swimsuit for kids on sale at the beach, albeit a 2-piece in a weird color!

The Flow people somehow made everything so pleasant. Everything we did for the day was not rushed. Time slowed down. It was busy but there were down times to nap by the sea, to dive, to breastfeed babies, prepare health foods, take photographs, walk by the beach...the hours seemed to stretch. It was heaven.

Denise & Noelle also made green smoothies, iced teas and colorful fruit bowls with Moringana in it. I'm always thrilled when they make Moringana a part of their green-healthy food served during Flow events.

Moringana has been collaborating with FLOWSurfYogaSamba for the past five years in their wellness retreats all over the country.

I suggest you check out FlowSurfYogaSamba. When you are there, it clears your mind, and your body gets nourished. We don't get this kind of treat everyday. 

Just flow.

Enjoy your summer!