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Raw Saba & Apple Cider-Turmeric Tonic

The Moringa Kitchen

Almost every morning I eat 1 piece of raw - ripe saba banana before my main meal. This helps me ease my digestion, and help curb the cravings for sugary sweets. There are many health benefits to eating raw saba banana. You can add it too for your smoothies.

In the mornings, I also take a cup of water with 1/2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, and a dash of turmeric to add to my daily intake of anti-inflammatory foods ( I prefer miniscule amounts of turmeric taken as part of my daily food rather than a therapeutic dose...). I don't know what exactly is in Apple Cider Vinegar but it really cures quickly the mild maladies like headaches, constipation, cough & cold, etcetera.

A word of caution for pregnant women - Turmeric is not recommended as it may cause bleeding or miscarriage. Avoid taking supplements with turmeric if you are pregnant.

Have a nice "digestive" morning! :)