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The 80-20 Meal

The Moringa Kitchen

I met a physician based in Diliman many, many years ago who practiced complementary medicine and who was known for her nutritional recommendations for cancer patients. I learned from this doctor the idea of the 80-20 meals.

It's a very simple, practical guideline for making everyday meals healthier. This is the simple formula that I try to follow every time I eat or prepare meals:

80%  leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, fruit

20%  clean & lean protein, healthy fats


This 80-20 combination can be adjusted in many ways according to your food preference or nutritional needs. Consider too having Malunggay daily in your 80-20 meals. Malunggay is a very good green food, a super food even when you take it in small amounts. Many times I can push the 80-20 for my own plate to go meatless, or to have a good enough amount of protein.This way I don't keep on second guessing and it's easy to get back on track if you've had less leafy greens, or if you fall off the tracks because of the bacon and chips, and the darn tres leches cake!

The 80-20 works for all of us, and it stopped me from doing the trendy diets, which can get old or tiring, and eating well should not be complicated nor expensive. This formula allows you to eat a variety of good things. I believe that's how it should be, after all the body was not designed to be starved.

This concept also taught us to scrap eventually all the processed deli, canned foods, etc.. It was hard at first but it brought us to putting back indigenous foods and whole food eating to our table, and we were forced to clean up our food supply chain.

This 80-20 is such a good idea.

I hope it works for you!